How in the world can folks keep saying that what happened to Carter’s character was ‘innovative, real, groundbreaking, etc., when we’re still trying to wrap our minds around the fact that neither she nor John were wearing their ‘protective vests’? That’s beyond ridiculous and stupid to boot to think that most of the ‘loyal viewers’, would fall for messy crap like this from so called excellent Writers. Carter was not only a police officer, she was a “mom” who dearly loved her son, so how is it she came out of that station house looking in the shadows for Simmons, but forgets to put that vest on as did ‘John’?? Whether or not Henson was leaving the show, that particular story line and two others fell apart at the seams so quickly, all I could do was shake my head at the craziness that was going on before us. Whether this is “t.v” or not, pretend or whatever, I’m asking these Creators, Writers, etc. to PLEASE stop taking us viewers for the fools you think we are. Put things in the right perspectives and maybe some viewers wouldn’t be so dog gone hot and angry. If you never bring Carter’s character back, at least explain to us why “NO PROTECTIVE VESTS”, and let us see Reese ‘mourn and grieve for Joss for at least three or for episodes’ at least?? I know you’ll end up either bringing back his ‘dead ex-girl friend, placing him with Shaw or maybe even Zoe’, and by that time I can finally move on from here. Enough already.


I‘ve watched and purchased the first 2 seasons of Person of Interest. I’ve found the writing and quality of acting in this show to be way above the predictable pedestrian level. Of course, there’s an inherent danger in walking that knife-edge between character and plot development which brings fan loyalty and the need to be able to be flexible and take risks with story line as well as characters. Tonight is a story that transitions among 3 episodes. This evening was the 2nd out of 3 but it certainly gave us all a surprise in the end.

For a moment, let me review the basics of the show which is a police, crime, drama and computer wizardry all rolled into one. The series revolves around a former CIA officer (Jim Caviezel) who has attempted to drop out of society but has a run in with a youth gang on a…

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